Ten Alternative Uses for Used Tea Bags.

tea bag

Once you've given your tea bag a dunk, you could head right to the compost bin. OR, you can give it a second chance with one these alternative options for steeped tea bags.

  • Soothe Tired or Injured Eyes
  • Flavor Your Meat
  • Make “Less Sinful” Drinks
  • Around-The-House Cleaner
  • Remove Warts
  • Deodorize Your Place
  •  Give Oral Relief
  • Sunburn And Acne Solution
  • Fertilize Your Plants
  • Show Your Artistic Side


Check 'em out here.


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Antony on Feb 15, 2015:

The real natural plants fertilizer :)

StoneMaven on Dec 19, 2010:

Never mind, I found the hyperlink.   I'm blind.

StoneMaven on Dec 19, 2010:

I could use some elaboration on "Less Sinful Drinks" and "Oral Relief"....

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