Inside Michael Jackson's Neverland

created at: 2009-10-02

This month's issue of Architectural Digest takes us on a tour of Michael Jackson's Neverland. The compound was developed by William Bone in 1982 and sold to Jackson in 1988 completely furnished. These interior pics were taken right after the property changed hands.

Jackson added furniture and paintings, and, of course, an amusement park outside. You can see more images at AD online and in the November '09 print issue, on news stands now. 

created at: 2009-10-02

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MarvinWindows on Oct 05, 2009:

Wow. That's gorgeous. I love the rich, dark woodwork. --Mike

optimist on Oct 02, 2009:

Oh dear, what a depressing, over decorated house. It would be like living in a hotel that had been redecorated with excessive amounts of laquered dark brown MDF. I don't doubt it is real oak but it has been treated to look artificial.

MJ fan on Oct 02, 2009:

cool house

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