The ONE piece of equipment you must have in your camera bag. And it's CHEAP!

created at: 2009-09-30

A few weeks ago in photography class, we were talking about keeping our cameras 'safe' in inclement weather. A sly look came across my instructor's face as he reached for something out of his camera bag. As he pulled the object free he said something about it being an indispensable and cheap--if not FREE--addition our to photography equipment collections. It was a shower cap. He simply slips it over his honkin' DSLR during drizzles. 'And then you just slip the lens free when you want to take a shot?' I asked. Not necessarily, he said. Taking pictures through the clear-ish material produces some interesting images. Finally, an excellent use for those hotel shower caps!


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DesigningMom on Sep 30, 2009:

Great idea. I think I'm going to have to pick one of these up. Nice to know they can add to the photo too. I had a girl friend that used to add a bit of vasiline around the edges of a plain lense filter (so as not to goop up her cameras lense) to get a softened look to her photos. Of course now you can do that on a photo editing program.

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