How to make a headboard out of books.



DIY combined with books is about the best kind of DIY there is, so when I saw this Instructable by jessyratfink, I squealed like a little girl. To make one, you'll need some stuff. Here's a list of it:

  • a fairly large assortment of book covers, which you've removed from their pages with an X-acto knife type instrument (I'd opt for the garage sale, charity book sale and thrift store variety of books. I'd also check their value before any 'doctoring'. Hey, you never know!)
  • Elmer's Glue All, or something similar
  • polyurethane spray 
  • pen or pencil
  • a heavy weight to weigh the books down as they dry
  • 3M picture hangers for hanging
  • a large sheet of 1/4" plywood, as wide as your bed and as tall as you fancy

To see how it all went together, scoot on over to this post.


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Anonymous on Feb 02, 2010:

If you cover it with a thick coating of polyurethane, that ought to take care of any mold or dust problem.

Bromeliad on Jul 24, 2009:

Great find and a clever idea.

M.E. Williams on Jul 23, 2009:

This probably isn't any less healthy than an upholstered headboard, but old books can carry mold and such. While it looks cool, anyone with any kind of respiratory allergy issues should avoid it.

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