Sewing Two Businesses Together

created at: 2009-07-18

Image: dexflu.eu

Last week I was contacted by Sarah Doyle of SewingBusiness.com about doing an interview for their blog. When you start thinking about the path you've taken in life, it begins to make sense. I began to sew so that I could have the attention of my mom and I wanted jumpers and skirts made from fabrics that were unique to what was available in the stores. Today, I feel the same. I love to create unique designs that aren't readily available and I still like the attention of my mom. When I filled out the questionnaire form for the interview, I realized that my natural path was becoming visible at a very young age.

 Sorry for the obnoxious self-promotion, but you can read the interview right here if you'd like.

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DIY Maven on Jul 19, 2009:

Congratulations! The recognition is well deserved!!

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