Dandelion Syrup. Has Anyone Ever Tried It?

This recipe from 5OrangePotatoes calls for 250 dandelion tops and 12 hours of simmering and reducing. That's quite a collection of resources and time. But more interesting, what does it taste like? Like dandelion greens (which I adore)? Like other edible flower-based foods? A floral hint to an otherwise simple syrup?

Anyone have any thoughts before I spend twelve hours collecting dandelion tops and another twelve cooking them down?

Post your thoughts.



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Annemone on Jun 22, 2009:

I think harvesting dandelions is worth the work (and I get my kids out of the house), and not unlike all the work of a 'regular' garden.  (...and, I've got a horrible black thumb, so weeds that resist dying are one of the only things I can "grow").  There are a few purported health benefits of dandelions, and most people are impressed that you tried something so very unusual... and will usually sample the finished product... that said, I am considered the strangest of our group of friends!  :)

I've made dandelion syrup (an earthy syrup taste, good on ice cream!), am waiting for my first batch of dandelion wine (my Grandmother's recipe), enjoy a cup of dandelion root "coffee", and have tried two types of dandelion cookies (very maplesyrupy).  I've got a bag of frozen blossoms in my freezer for winter creation of jelly (since it's not nice to heat up a kitchen in the summer!).  I have yet to try the leaves in my salad or fried blossoms... but soon!

lisa on Jun 16, 2009:

lisa again, I didn't take the green sepals off the dandelions for the syrup. I infused it overnight with greens and all. In my recipe you don't need to take off the sepals.

I have also made dandelion jelly, I did take the sepals off for that and yes, it was a little time consuming, but I had a little helper.

I agree with Leslie, it's a good thing to try at least once.


Leslie on Jun 16, 2009:

Well me and my husband saw dandelion jelly at a farmers market and wanted to make it.  It takes A LONG TIME to pull apart the yellow from the green.  I found that if you peel it in half and take the yellow part out it is easier than pulling out from the top.  I let the flowers sit in my fridge overnight and the jelly turned out brownish yellow instead of yellow like we saw at the farmers market.  Of course with syrup that is a good color so you might not have to worry about it.  If you just use the yellows it should taste like honey like the last post said.  I however would not do it again because of the time.  It was hardcore.  But if you have someone to sit and help you or a good movie to watch while you peel the flowers apart it might not be so bad.  A good thing to try once I think :)  If you do make the syrup let us know because that sounds interesting!

lisa on Jun 15, 2009:

Hey there, it's lisa from 5 Orange Potatoes, my dandelion syrup recipe. The syrup tastes a lot like honey!

Anonymous on Jun 15, 2009:

I've made dandelion wine, and the real killer is getting all of the green away from the yellow. It takes forever. Assuming you don't have to do that it would be pretty easy. I imagine it would be an earthy polenny taste.

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