Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Are there rooms in your house that you avoid spending time in because they feel stuffy or confined? Have you been tempted to start an expensive renovation process that includes knocking down walls to free up some space?

Well, apparently carnivals aren’t the only place to go to see mirrors create an illusion of space; it can happen in your master bedroom, as well. According to this article by Rebecca White-Glanders, mirrors can be just the remedy that your room needs for small spaces. There are several easy ways to make your room seem larger with the addition of mirrors.

Here are a few:

  • For a master bedroom that’s too narrow, adding mirrors to either side of the narrow space can make the room feel wider.
  • Try placing decorative mirrors directly across from windows. The room’s space will be brightened by light that is bounced off the mirrors. Lighting effects are a key to making small rooms seem larger.
  • If your room has an entry way that forces you to turn left or right immediately upon entering, place a mirror on the wall facing the door.

Mirrors also add a great aesthetic element to any room, writes White-Glanders. She suggests that simply placing an unframed, large mirror opposite your favorite piece of artwork will allow you to see it from new angles.

Photo courtesy of CarlyJane1 via Flickr.

This post originally appeared on the MLuxe blog by John Kirchner.

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Down Pillow on May 27, 2009:

Some really good tips :) I love using mirrors in my home - I think the only room that doesn't have one is my kitchen.

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