Giveaway: Handmade Marbled Paper (2 Sets)


This week we're giving away something really special: two sets of unique, hand-made marbled paper (retail value: $50 each). Each set includes five sheets marbled by Minneapolis book and paper artist Lin Lacy.

Dimensions: 12x19 inches
Paper (assorted): Hahnemuhle Ingres and Crane Pearl Lettra lightweight

This stuff is gorgeous; it's ready to frame and hang on your walls. Of course, there are million other (craftier) things you might think of. And that's the point!

To enter to win this beautiful, one-of-a-kind marbled paper:

  • Leave a comment telling us what you'd do with five sheets of marbled paper
  • Post a link to this giveaway on your blog or in your Twitter profile, and then link to that in your comment; we'll give you an additional contest entry for each blog post/tweet!
On Friday at midnight (CT)—May 15, 2009—we’ll gather all the entries, including those in the comments here AND those on your blogs and in your tweets and pick two lucky winners, who we’ll announce on Monday, May 18th.

For more information about Lin Lacy's marbled paper and book art, contact bruno@curbly.com





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bruno on May 18, 2009:

And the winners are...

Thanks for playing, everyone, stay tuned to Curbly for more contests and giveaways coming soon.

Belinda on May 15, 2009:

I would try to use these as backgrounds for artwork or photos.  Thanks!

Abby on May 15, 2009:

I would use these in my scrapbooking

Angela Hoffman on May 15, 2009:

I would definitely frame them!  They are beautiful!

brenda helgeson on May 15, 2009:

i'd frame them. they're beautiful

susan on May 15, 2009:

they are so nice! I would use them for my scrap books!

mindy on May 15, 2009:

actually i would use it to make pins as it is so beautiful thanks for the giveaway

mindy on May 15, 2009:

actually i would use it to make pins they are just so beautiful thanks for the giveaway

Christine on May 15, 2009:

Love this paper.  I'm on an ATC kick right now, so I'd use some of it as backgrounds and the rest for collaging.  I've posted the giveaway on my blog - this is so fun, thanks! :)


Michelle McGee on May 14, 2009:

I LOVE papercrafting and though I would love to get my hands on this paper to make amazing things, it seems such a shame to cut it up!

Here's my Twitter:



And here's my Facebook:


amy on May 14, 2009:

Beautiful!  I would make books and more books!

Maxine N. on May 14, 2009:

I would use this exceptional paper in and on my ARTISTIC HAND MADE BOOKS. Not one tiny piece would be wasted.

Tiare on May 14, 2009:

I will make butterflies for my wedding invitations! This paper looks incredibly beautiful and will make my invitations glow!

Mir on May 14, 2009:

I would definitely use a few to cover handmade journals, I'd write a lot more often in one!

N on May 14, 2009:

These are soo pretty. I'd more than likely use some to make cards, but I was also thinking they'd look neat in the doll house I'm making for my daughter... maybe wallpaper or framed art for it.

ElvisCraftstello on May 13, 2009:

If I won them, I would love them and pet them and put them in a snuggly box where they could stay warm -- wait, no that's if I win a kitty cat. The papers I would use for altered journals!

SANDY on May 13, 2009:

I would hang one sheet right behind my laptop, so I could look at it every day.  tHE REST i would probably use as card material, or frame one of them.  tHANKS FOR A SWEET DEAL, HOPEFULLY

p on May 13, 2009:

similar in vein to Jaime's idea, i would put these under my glasstop coffee table to add a nice unexpected splash of color to my living room! another thought is to maybe use these as mats in picture frames or a clock?

bia_s on May 12, 2009:

i would use them as a perfect gift for my mom`s corner of the house....and i would make extremly special business card from them..in that way people can enjoy them to, thinking of me :)

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