How to Make Your Own Button Loops

Maybe you've covered store-bought buttons; maybe you've even made your own buttons, but have you ever made your own button loops? Ysolda's pretty tutorial shows us how to make these simple but very impressive closures. A perfect finishing touchfor a variety of applications!

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Marva Jo on Sep 22, 2009:

There wasn't a tutorial for this, it's just something I do.  Many times when I'm turning a sweatshirt into a cardigan, and adding a contrasting fabric trim I want to add some buttons.  So as I sew the front seam, I insert one of the elastic bands for your pony tail for each button I want to use.   Why spend so much time crocheting a loop for a button, when you can buy them by the bag for a couple bucks?   Pony tail elastic rocks for a lot of things!


DIY Maven on Sep 22, 2009:

Hi Sharon. It looks like the maker took the tutorial down for this particular how-to. 

Sharon on Sep 21, 2009:

Where do I find the instructions for this?

Marva Jo on Apr 29, 2009:

I just use the elastic bands you buy at the store, for your pony tail.  They come in a bunch of sizes and colors, and you get a lot for a couple dollars.

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