Colorful Mosaic Wall on the cheap!

scrapbook paper mosaic wall

Like a lot of people, I live in an apartment. The type of apartment complex that doesn't allow painting of any kind. I really try to jazz up the blah eggshell walls with color, whether it be colorful artwork or colored lampshades that cast a hue on the wall. Well, I wanted to step it up a notch with my décor beyond that and do something totally different with my bedroom wall that would make visitors come in and say, "Wow! You did that?" And the cool thing is that I did it all for under $20! Yep, for $20 bucks you can get a totally rockin' wall that is full of color and will brighten up any room!

What do you need?

– Multicolored scrapbook page packs (I purchased mine at Target and 50 sheets came to a pack; I purchased 2 packs)
– Zot adhesive glue dots
– tape measure
I noticed another post talking about using paint chips on the wall and I think this is a similar idea but easier. I think they are both cool ways to decorate a rather blah eggshell canvas.

For more info on how I made this, visit my blog post:

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Lord Aryan on Oct 25, 2011:

Wow !! Simply brilliant...

ModHomeEcTeacher on Apr 13, 2009:

Very clever!! I like your blog, too.

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