How to Grow Your Very Own Pineapple

Rick over on Rick's Woodshop Creations tells us everything we need to know to grow our very own pineapple in 5 easy steps. To get you started, here they are:

  1. Obtain Pineapple You'll propagate using the crown; you'll be able to enjoy the fruit as desired.)
  2. Prepare the Crown
  3. Root the Crown
  4. Plant the Crown
  5. Repot the Crown

To see the details of each step, along with general care, feeding, flowering and fruiting, and check out Rick's post.

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GoClick on Mar 30, 2009:

I think I'll still try it, even if it doesn't work up at 53 degrees latitude, I'll have at-least given it a shot and I might get a neat house plant out of it.

GoClick on Mar 30, 2009:

Perhaps they just won't produce fruit if they don't have eough water.

If it's pofitable to grow pineapple in Hawaii with a minimum wage of $7.25/hour and they don't require a lot of water, then we have to ask why aren't there endless pineapple fields in Mexico where the minimum wage is at most $3.50/day?

I haven't seen too many pineapple plantations on the leeward sides of any of the Hawaiian islands I've been to.

DIY Maven on Mar 30, 2009:

According to Rick's post, pineapples are 'miserly' when it comes to water. An indoor pineapple plant only needs to be watered once a week. As far as light, it sounds like a good southern exposure would do fine.

GoClick on Mar 30, 2009:

Don't pineapples require an incredible amount of sun and water to grow? Wouldn't that mean the only place where you could grow your own pineapple is somewhere were you can probably already get pineapple really cheap, or free? Short of say, living in Arizona and dumping thousands of gallons a year of expensive water on your plant, this doesn't seem like it would work very well, and even then the ROI would be awful. Although it would make a neet indoor plant, a bonsainapple if you will.

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