Guitar Hero 3 Crocheted Scarf

Craftster meekssandygirl whipped up this incredible scarf that just happened to be her husband's idea. He's a big fan of Guitar Hero 3 and Muse, so she embroidered the music for their tune Knights of Cydonia on a length double crochets (6 rows in black acrylic, 70 to 75 inches in length). Ambitious and cool, but if you don't crochet (which you really should) you can buy a scarf like it at the maker's Etsy Shop for 75 bucks.

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Vivi on Jun 27, 2013:

Hermoso! tendrían las indicaciones, o un patrón por fi? muchas gracias!

Linda C on Jan 20, 2013:

Awesome!  My granddaughter would love it!  Do you have a pattern to sell or share?  Thanks!

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