The Ikea StyleMeter.

The fabulous flatpackers at Ikea are here to help you. With nine 'choose your fave' categories, they're offering to declare your design taste with the Stylemeter...at least in the three 'styles' they claim to provide. Apparently, I'm 80% Scandanavian, 20% Modern, and not a darn bit country. So, limited, yes, but fun, none the less. I wonder how "Stylemeter" translates from Swedish...

created on: 01/31/09


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creede on Feb 06, 2009:

I got 20% country too. Go figure.

dewonangus on Feb 01, 2009:

What fun!  They say I am a "Modern Minimalist" and I would agree - 40% Modern, 40% Scandanavian and 20% Country.  I would love to know which choice gave the 20% country ... maybe it was the corduroy?

iebie on Feb 01, 2009:

Oooh, this was fun. I got 'Modern Industrial', which actually does describe my style.

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