Turning old magazines into a trash can.

Once again, Jeffery Rudell outdoes himself as he turns old magazines into a trash can for his craft room. His tutorial might look a bit intimidating at first, but that's only because it's very thorough.

To replicate Jeffrey’s trash can, you’ll need:

  • a stack of old glossy magazines
  • 15 grommets and a grommet setter OR 15 zip ties
  • craft knife and straight edge
  • a scrap of wood & small brad
  • a hammer
  • and finally, a trip over to Jeffrey's tutorial!

P.S. If you need a bit of protection against damp trash, you might consider spraying the inside of your paper trash can with some fixative.

Via. Image by Jeff Rudell.

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KathrynV on Jan 21, 2009:

Ooh, that's a good idea. I've already pulled out a stack of magazines to get started with. Can't wait to see what I come up with!

DIY Maven on Jan 21, 2009:

Kathryn, after reading your comment, I got to thinking....you could skip the top part and just assemble the bottom. They could be used for storing office supplies like paper clips and such. I think an office design would lend itself nicely to the materials and construction...no?

KathrynV on Jan 21, 2009:

What a cool project! I always feel like I'm not very "green" since I still get a lot of print magazines delivered to my door. As such, I'm always trying to find different things to do with them to recycle or re-use them. I'll definitely need to try this project!

I'm wondering if you have any tips for incorporating something like this into the decor of a room, though. I've been putting together design / decor ideabooks over at Houzz (www.houzz.com) and that's got me really thinking about all of the different options there are for decorating around specific items - such as trash cans.

I'm not sure how I would use something like this in the decor of a standard room. I suppose that careful selection of the magazine pages used for the project would allow you to create a can with the right color scheme for a room. Definitely something I'm going to play around with! Thanks!

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