Lamp/Earring Holder

The Sophia Lamp by BabaAkcja is not only a lamp but a handy way to store your earrings too, thanks to its perforated shade. It reminds me of something...oh, yeah, thisVia.

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Abscondio on Jan 18, 2009:



Come on, man...


My girlfriend is a photographer and every time I visit her studio I have an insane urge to organize everything.  She has so many props and costume jewelry strewn about that I have a mini-panic attack (well...not really).


I even went so far as to staple fiberglass screening to the back of a picture frame so she could organize her earrings better (I've also marveled at the ingenuity of a local store that used an overturned wire wastebasket to display earrings).

The lamp might end up looking a little kitschy, but if that's someone someone digs, then so be it...

Utterley bewildered on Jan 16, 2009:

Now Come on girls, if ever i had a problem with my dangelies and hoops to the point that i am heartbroken about the entanglement of both, i am sure i would have strived to avoid such a catastrophe by storing them carefully with some degree of common sense before they came into contact, what do you normally do with them throw them all in a bucket?

I am sure there are other members of society that have none entangled earwear without having to have resorted to constructing a lamp based respository to contain them.

How about poking the studs into a watermelon, now THAT is an idea, or even potatoes, hoops on carrots or parsnips, long danglies on small pot plants like parsley for instance!

lilybee on Jan 16, 2009:

Mr. Bewildered, may I call you Utterly? While I love a humorous
curmudgeonly rant as much as the next girl,
I have to wonder if you have experience of the pain and heartache that
comes from a tangled pile of dangelies and hoops...No? If you had
perhaps you'd join me in a round of golf claps and a resounding 'Brava'
at the multitasking ingenuity of the thing.

LovelyMommaJilla on Jan 16, 2009:

You have got to be kidding me.

Bewildered, you may be the only one who NEEDS prozac here. If you need your colostomy bag to have a step ladder so you can reach said prozac, let us know. I would be glad to build you one, as soon as I get done with making this lamp.

This is a cute way for WOMEN to store earrings that would normally get tangled up in a drawer.

Utterley bewildered on Jan 15, 2009:

Correct me if i am wrong, but where on Gods good earth did anybody ever need a Lamp/earring holder?

What an absurd notion. If i was to combine two completely unsuitable objects into one, whithin the normal perameters of rational thought, i would expect to be ostricized by my peers, and deservedly so. How about a step ladder/colostomy bag dispenser? Or a baby changing mat/lawn mower combo? Am i the only person not on Prozac here?

panchristo on Jan 15, 2009:

Great idea, easy to do...

LovelyMommaJilla on Jan 15, 2009:

I'll do it!

DIY Maven on Jan 15, 2009:

I used a paper punch when I did my paper clip shade, but I'm thinking a small drill or dremel would be perfect for making those random holes all over a heavy duty paper shade. Although, for durablity, a plastic shade might be better...? If you do make it, please post pics!!

LovelyMommaJilla on Jan 15, 2009:

I MUST make this!


I have needed a cool way to hang all of my cheapie/costumey chandelier and dangly spanglys! I just can't see putting them in with my real jewelery AND the little rubbermade drawer thingy on my dresser is an EYESORE.



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