How to make reused glass frames.

Shannon Quimby was ruminating over some windowpanes leftover from a French door and came up with this slick framing project, the cost of which set her back about a dollar.

What you'll need:

  • Two pieces of leftover glass--either from an old French door, windowpane or even from unloved picture frames.
  • 4 heavy-duty rubber bands (!)
  • Something to frame.
  • Epoxy glue.
  • An eyelet picture frame hook.

The proceedure is so simple, you can probably figure out what you'll need to do, but a quick scan of the tutorial wouldn't hurt. Via.

Image courtesy of Marv Bondarowicz/The Oregonian.

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GoAway on Jan 11, 2009:

I just wanted to warn readers that elastic bands will eventually dry out and become stiff or crumbly. I think that the solution is very elegant in appearance, but I think readers should be warned about the lifetime of elastic bands. Perhaps Ribbon or Sewing Elastic may be better alternatives. Otherwise great idea!

DIY Maven on Jan 09, 2009:

True! The glass in windows is usually not as sharp as picture-frame glass, but cut glass like the kind you can get at a hardware store, if you want to use new glass for this project, is even sharper yet.

mrskimmyl on Jan 09, 2009:

If you're going to do this, wear thick gloves: the glass inside some picture frames can have very sharp edges!

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