Folded Paper Star = Awesome Cat Toy

How about making an extra folded paper star or two for the four-legged friend in your life? Just toss one near your favorite feline and ten seconds later you will have one spit-soaked star and one very happy cat.

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katzi on Mar 27, 2013:

it's a froebbel star, an folding technic taught to children to lern to conzentrate and build their motoricall skills, beside:

Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel was a German pedagogue, a student of Pestalozzi who laid the foundation for modern education based on the recognition that children have unique needs and capabilities.

baconthecat on Apr 20, 2007:

Aww so cute!!! Mine loves chasing coins (on occasion she will even bring it back to you!) and batting pens around.

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