Joy's Circles of Blankety Goodness

A chum of mine has just finished this lovely bit of loveliness:

created on: 11/18/08

It's a blanket made of knitted circles with crocheted edges. Joy has been working on it for an age, and says that while the pattern (which she learnt at The Knit Cafe here in Toronto) is simple it is labour intensive, as it takes 300(!) circles to make a good-sized blanket.  But  what a great, fun, and elegant  way to use up scraps of yarn.

What struck me is how adaptable an idea it is. You could use crocheted circles too; but I was thinking that for those of us who are frankly totally rubbish at working the big needles, something similar could be achieved with felted wool, maybe reinforced with some simple machine embroidery. With that in mind I'm off to the goodwill to procure a bucnh of woolly sweaters... Here's a few more pictures of the prettiness:

created on: 11/18/08

created on: 11/18/08

created on: 11/18/08

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bruno on Nov 18, 2008:

Very cool.

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