How to turn junk mail into art.

How to turn junk mail into art.

The triptych pictured above began it's life as junk mail and campaign fliers. The one good thing about this kind of mailbox trash is it’’s colorful, which means for Sarahh over at Re-Nest, it’’s the perfect medium for making art.

What you’ll need:

  • A variety a junk mail fliers–the kind made of heavy cardstock work best.
  • A black Sharpie
  • A scissors
  • Glue (Although Sarahh doesn’t mention what kind of glue she used, my experience with cardstock and paper would provoke me to use a stick glue as other more liquid types often cause rippling.)
  • Sheets of plain paper
  • Frames

What you’ll do:

  • Trace droplets onto the junk mail, using areas that have both text and images to add variety.
  • With the scissors, cut out the droplets, making sure to cut outside the black Sharpie line.

  • Arrange the droplets on a sheet of paper and glue into position.
  • Frame you sheets and voila! A junk mail masterpiece!

For the entire tut plus pics, go to Re-Nest.

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Althea :) on Dec 11, 2013:

Thank you very much :) this idea helps me how to make my very own project :) <#

livyschoolgirl on Nov 11, 2008:

I love this! The pattern/design is very modern and I love how you are recycling by doing it!

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