In a pumpkin patch far, far away....

created on: 10/30/08

...there lives one spunky gal named Princess Leia Gourdgana.

MWT’s office is having a pumpkin carving contest and the Princess here is our entry. Although she was a bit time consuming–she took about 3 hours to make–she wasn’t that difficult. If you’re interested in making a pumpkin Leia of your own, here are some suggestions.

1. First, prime the areas you plan to paint with white glue or Modge Podge. Acrylic craft paint is all you need to paint a pumpkin, but you’ll probably need to put on a few coats.

2. To make a symmetrical face for a template, I like to draw an eye and then fold the paper approximately where a nose would go. I unfold the paper and from the fold, I draw half a mouth, from the center of the philtrum over. Then, I re-fold the paper and hold it up to a light source–a window works perfectly–and then trace the other eye and the other half of the mouth using those I drew earlier as a guide.

3. Leia’s buns are actually two mini pumpkins. MWT drilled holes in Leia’s head and then into the minis. Two 3" pieces of 1/4" doweling are holding them on. (If you don’t have doweling, you could try some toothpicks–minus the hole-drilling, of course.)

created on: 10/30/08

4. To keep the cut areas of your pumpkin from drying out, you can slather on a bit of petroleum jelly or brush them with white glue.

5. A princess has to have a gown! To fake mine, I wrapped a white dishcloth around her neck and pinned it together at the back.

First prize in the contest is fifty bucks to our favorite charity, so here’s hoping the Force is with us.


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Kyle on Oct 27, 2014:

I HIGHLY recommend against sealing with white glue or vaseline. This will create a lot of mold inside withing 4 to 5 days. I've found the best thing to use is actually soaking the pumpkin in bleach water (1tbps/gallon of water) for 6-8 hours, then each day just give the cut areas and insides a quick spritz once or twice a day, with the same dilution, and it should stay fairly fresh with little mold for upto 14 days. I have sworn by this method for years.

DIY Maven on May 20, 2011:

Thanks, John! I loved her. I'm still bitter that we didn't win first prize.

DIY Maven on May 20, 2011:

Thanks, John! I loved her. I'm still bitter that we didn't win first prize.

DIY Maven on Nov 03, 2008:

Thanks dewonangus! I wish you could have voted! ;)

dewonangus on Nov 02, 2008:

Well, you had my vote.  I thought it was brilliant!

DIY Maven on Nov 01, 2008:

Contest Update: Alas, The Force was not with us, but the Rebel Alliance lives to fight another day.

dewonangus on Oct 30, 2008:

Good Luck ... I like your entry!

DIY Maven on Oct 30, 2008:

P.S. I intended not to give Leia a nose because I wasn't sure how to make one without making her look like a piggy. The 'dot' you see in the pic is actually a blemish on the pumpkin. It's placement was serendipity.

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