Freshen Up Billy... Change Up an Ikea Staple

This can barely even be described as an Ikea Hack, as essentially I just slapped a bit of something on the back board of a slightly disreputable Billy bookcase that a friend passed along to me.


I took the back of the Billy off and taped a large map onto it, I didn't even cut it to size, just folded the corners over and taped, then tacked it back on with new nails. An alternative would be to print out some images from google maps and mod podge them onto the backing.

created on: 09/28/08


Fabric Backed:

This was what I went with in the end. I cut the fabric to a slightly larger size than the backing, then taped it into place with white duct tape. It has kind of a lush, sheeny look to it. I think it would look great with a larger pattern or even with wall paper instead of fabric.

created on: 09/28/08

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BethanyBlah on Sep 29, 2008:

"We don't want Bethany squished in a book avalanche!"

Thanks for thinking of my safety, lady. ;)

I think you might be right about the large X shape for the strips to brace it! I am going to bend an ear at Lowes or Home Depot to be sure about which way to go, if I don't see someone comment that knows for sure already. Heck, I could probably check on Google.

The abundance of poop made me laugh outloud (again, you score with the funny!) and cause my husband to mute King of the Hill and ask what was so funny. Heh.


lilybee on Sep 29, 2008:

Heh heh. It stayed that way for about 15 seconds.

Faynilla on Sep 29, 2008:

a book shelf in my house would never be this bare, but it looks great!

lilybee on Sep 29, 2008:

Thanks! Baby stuff, it's a consolation for the lack of sleep and the abundance of poop!

For bracing your Billy have you though about using an x shape across the middle of the back? I don't know for certain but I think that would be even more stable than a vertical brace. Or possibly using
shorter lengths of wood to brace each corner? Hmmmm. Anybody else done
this? We don't want Bethany squished in a book avalanche!

BethanyBlah on Sep 28, 2008:

My hand-me-down Billy doesn't have any kind of backing, but I intend to nail some fabric around the back frame and put up a few strips of wood vertically to help it stand up better. I adore how yours looks all baby-fied. The monkey and the piggy bank and the frog... *squee*

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