Inside A Black Apple's Inspirational Studio

I love other people's offices and studios and Emily, artist and creator of The Black Apple has a studio that's so pretty it makes my paws all sweaty. Behold!

created on: 09/19/08

created on: 09/19/08
created on: 09/19/08

She's managed to fit all kinds of (awesome) stuff into a not very large space without making it look cramped. She also has some very steal/borrow-able idea's; like the oilcloth topper on her painting and drawing table and those uber-cute kid suitcases used as drawers on the sewing table. Do swing on by to Inside A Black Apple for more pictures, and keep 'em peeled for the pops of colour from the little red shelf and the blue computer desk. Luv-er-ly.

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bravelittlesoul on Sep 20, 2008:

This is beautiful! I hope have my very own studio one day!

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