Serendipity STRIKES!

You know how sometimes the universe seems to align itself so nice things shake down? When trilling bluebirds follow you around and cartoon mice sew you dresses? No? Here's an example:

Whilst organizing my kitchen cupboards I decided what I really needed was some nice glass storage jars, to hold STUFF. We have a trip to Ikea planned this weekend and I was going to pick up some Burken jars.

When (and here's where the serendipity comes in) I happened to be doing laundry and spotted these fellows in our laundry room's waiting/tv area.

created on: 08/13/08

Burken jars. 5 of them in just the sizes I needed, with those glorious words 'take me' attached. A spot of boiling water and bleach and voila! New jars for me.

Is it mental to be so cheerful about secondhand jars? Possibly, but these aren't just secondhand jars, they are a present from a smiley beneficent universe, and who doesn't love that.

Got Serendipity? Do tell.

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betzy on Jun 21, 2010:

I just found a great dresser at a thrift store for my new baby boy. but it was on saturday and a bit more than I wanted to spend. Well, on Mondays, this store offers 25% off everything. So I decided to wait and pray. well, my dresser was there this morning!! I couldn't believe it! a little paint and sanding and we have the cutest, best dresser ever!

DIY Maven on Aug 14, 2008:

When I was making my jewelry peg board, I was snooping through hubby's stash and found that piece of pre-finished maple from an old kitchen remodel we did a while back. It was perfect and no finishing required! Of course serendipity is helped along by being observant and not throwing things away. ;)

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