How To: Dye Pasta For Crafting.

First, there was just plain old semolina yellow. Then, they got fancy (tacky?) and developed the tri-color by using spinach and tomato products to tint you rotini. Now, embrace the rainbow by coloring your pasta ANY shade you may choose with vibrant, punchy results. This is a great medium for kids, or for some tongue-in-cheek nostalgia...perhaps some macaroni macrame?


  • food colouring
  • dried pasta of any shape
  • rubbing alcohol
  • ziploc bags

Just fill the bags with the pasta, and cover with the rubbing alcohol. Mix in the food coloring, and dye away...

Read the full instructions from Crafty Crafty.

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optimist on Jan 05, 2009:

lol - I bought a big bag of beads and necklaces from a charity shop to use at school for craft lessons. Cut the threads and tossed them all into a bowl of soapy water to wash. It was only later that I discovered that the small round dark blue beads, seemed to be thousands of them - were pasta spaghetti hoops. Yuk!

Faynilla on Aug 13, 2008:

so cute

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