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I'm going to have a lot of questions... first home and all... but one thing I need to take care of soon is some bushes I have. They were growing along a chainlink fence that is technically mine but abbuts my neighbors yard. I've effectively butchered the bushes and trimmed them down to the main stems, but how do I get rid of the roots so they don't grow back? I was thinking I'm going to have to dig them up, but a good portion of the root system is going to be on my neighbor's side of the fence... are there any serious root killers out there or some other way to get them gone? After butchering them it turns out I'm seriously allergic to them and/or they had poison growing in them so I REALLY don't want them coming back. Any ideas??

As always thanks!


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sillygirl on Aug 03, 2008:

Haha, I like the idea of using the roots as a natural sculpture, thats awesome! Time isn't really a big concern, it's mostly that they are EVERYWHERE along the side of my fence and I am apparently majorly allergic to them (found that out while hacking most of the stuff down). It looks like the previous owner already tried to hack one down to a stump and it kept coming back, so I think I'm going to have to go with chemical warfare.

Thanks for the help!

kestrel on Jul 28, 2008:

How much time do you have?  There are tree stump killer products out there that will speed up the rotting of the wood but still take a few years to rot through and through.  I've never used these but they are available.

If you want to keep them from coming back cut them all the way to the ground and apply a round up type product for bushes.  Make sure to apply the killer again at the start of winter when there is no growth activity as this will give it all winter to do it's work.

Alternately you can just hack them down to the ground and keep cutting down any new growth when it is only and inch or two tall.  I did this with a few small stumps, a few inches in diameter, and they never came back up the following spring.  In fact earlier this year I noticed the stumps were loosing up and I was able to pull them out of the ground with almost no effort.  I now have 2 really cool natural sculptures. They look like miniature trees.

dewonangus on Jul 26, 2008:

We have a similar problem with our chainlink fence.  For the plant material that likes to climb as it grows, I pull it away from the fence and direct it back into the neighbours yard.  This has helped quite a bit, but there is other plant material that is now coming under the fabric and mulch that I put down and finding its way to the holes that were cut for my plants.  After three years I have decided to use Round Up next year to kill it!

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