Floating stairs? I'll try anything once

created on: 05/12/08

I'll be honest; these stairs don't look safe. I know they look cool but how cool would you look hugging the wall all the way up? I'd be petrified. And what a spot to park your laptop!

This staircase was designed by Jordi Vayreda of Spain for a real-life client who now has the floating stairs in his or her real-life home.

I'd be interested to know if the staircase has some sort of weight limit. Any physics whiz kids out there care to comment on how you'd have to build stairs like these to support the weight of a grown adult? I'd imagine you'd have to make sure they could support close to 300 pounds just to be on the safe side. I'm over 200 pounds and I'd still get queasy every time I had to make such a climb.

created on: 05/12/08

LINK: Jordi Vayreda via Boing Boing

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Anonymous on Jan 21, 2011:

Steel stair treads attached to a steel I-beam hidden in the wall.


Anonymous on Jun 02, 2009:

Wall could be poured concrete or concrete blocks with solid cores near the bottom.  The stairs steps are most likely steel with tie rods running to the opposite side of the wall with load spreading washers.  1000lbs is no issue on this set up (remember initial loads are higher than your actual weight).

nic dom kirt on Apr 24, 2009:

dood! what are the measurements of this beast? i need it for a school project. : ) thNK you.

<3Nicole Dominique Kirsten

freudianslipper on May 12, 2008:

Looks like it's steel and I bet it's got a tiny bit of wobbly but not nearly as much as you'd think. Plus, I imagine it goes pretty far into that supporting wall making it very secure.

Still frightening though!

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