Ice Stone: Sustainable Surfaces

created on: 04/10/08

Included in Erin's list of Go Green without Going Crazy was the company Ice Stone.

One of a few companies to be certified Cradle to Cradle *, Ice Stone is basically a replacement for any surface where marble or tile might be used.  Glass is embedded in a concrete-type material, and then finished as you choose.  You can even ship your unused materials and old surfaces back to the company to be reused!

While glass is still relatively easy to recycle in most parts of the country, the 2005 rate for recycling was only about 25%. 

If Ice Stone can keep some of these bottles out of the landfill and put them back in your kitchen, why not give it a shot? Ask for a free sample if you're thinking about it for your home or biz.

*BTW, greenies out there would love this book, my boss bought us a copy when it came out and it has been really influential in my consumer choices and habits since then!

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