Go Green, Live Rich


Leading financial expert David Bach didn't choose his home because it was green. He liked the view and the proximity but he experienced better health and his young son's asthma disappeared. This book, Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth and Get Rich Trying, is the result.

Most often the argument against purchasing green products is the cost. Approaching the subject as a finance guy Bach illustrates how the opposite is true. Check out Bach in this short video.
And a few other folks weighed in:

“Great news: there is no green premium! By demonstrating how going green can fit any budget, David Bach shows that good environmental and financial decisions go hand-in-hand. Bach's Go Green, Live Rich gives great tips, useful to everyone, about how to save money and the planet at once."
- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Yet another powerful reason to go green! Thankfully for our species, going green can also mean saving some green. Go Green, Live Rich shows you exactly how a lot of small steps added together can change your life in more ways than one."
- Graham Hill, TreeHugger.com and PlanetGreen.com

The book is currently available from Amazon.com for $8.97

(a $5.98 savings from list price), and it qualifies for free shipping. Here's some Ken math: if you buy three books you'll save $17.94 AND shipping. Then you'll have two books for great gifts!

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