The Case of the Disappearing Stairs

With a press of a button–and some hydraulic pistons–this staircase folds up and disappears into the wall! Aaron Tang’s “Wall Stairs” save space and prevent guests from wandering into your private regions. Via.

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shawn: tiny house/ small space enthusiast on Jul 24, 2014:

This seems like a great idea for tiny houses. Would allow for a staircase instead of a dangerous ladder and then the space beneath could be used for additional seating etc. anyone know where plans can be found for this design?


Anonymous on Oct 14, 2013:

how much do these stairs cost????????

Anonymous on Jan 15, 2013:

From where do I buy this and how to install it

Analisa on Apr 02, 2012:

i think its a great idea for attic stairs insted of pulling them down from over your head.

Analisa on Apr 02, 2012:

I think that is a great idea for attic stair insted of pulling them down from over your head.

Mukphly on Nov 29, 2009:

Seems like it would give the old lady another thing to bitch to me about leaving up.

Anonymous on Nov 28, 2009:

this seems pointless

Anonymous on Nov 28, 2009:

It would be could if zombies came to attack you.

Anonymous on Nov 27, 2009:

Scale models are interesting but would rather see a real implementation.

Wonderer on Aug 11, 2009:

How does this save space?. . . Not like you can put anything against that wall "Ohh excuse me. . I have to go upstairs. . could you help me move my china cabinet?. . or. . could you move your butt and chair. .as I have to move out the stairs. . for the cost of the stairs . buy a bigger place.

I like it architecurally speaking. .but it is NOT going to become common. . and I am not even sure how many places would consider this up to code. .

Keter on Mar 23, 2008:

That could SO be engineered for completely manual operation, and partially automated with a counterweight system.  I have a need for it, too.  Great inspiration!

DIY Maven on Mar 11, 2008:

and you're supposed to be an optimist????  ;)

optimist on Mar 11, 2008:

and then there is a power failure/outage....

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