Homemade "Swiffer"

I did it! I created a homemade Swiffer. Well, I reused the plastic part, but instead of buying more sheets that can be expensive and terrible for the landfill, I sewed together pieces of vibrant colored fleece that can slip on to the existing "broom". I am currently an owner of a Swiffer and an Omop (the Method version, which is actually very earth-friendly).

Step 1: Measure your Swiffer.

Make sure when you measure the Swiffer (or Omop), you leave about a half-inch diamater free for the stitching. You will need some material to "give" so when you slip it on the Swiffer, there's enough room for the fit.

Step 2: Measure and cut your fleece.

Use fleece. I'm sure other materials will pick up, too (anything will when you drag it on the floor), but fleece is nice.

You will need to cut two smaller rectangles that will go over the top of the Swiffer. Make sure the pieces are short enough to slide over the top. If they're too long, you will begin to stretch the stitching.

Step 3: Sew pieces together



Step 4: Repeat the steps and enjoy your homemade Swiffer covers (you will need to wash them ever-so-often).

created on: 03/04/08

Here is the homemade Swiffer on the Omop.

created on: 03/04/08

I know...they're a little sloppy, but I'm just learning how to work a sewing machine.

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jim2100 on Mar 05, 2008:

I Made one seveal years ago and now wifter is using my idea also. This is what you do. Use self adhesive velcro strips, and apply some to the bottom pad of the swifter. Then lay a Micro fiber cloth on the floor. Put the Swifter on the cloth, press or step lightly on the top of Swifter. And begin dusting. Since it lays flat on the the floor, it can and will go under most anything. It will also have a much larger dusting area than the original size dusting pad. Wash and reuse for years.

I also now use it to wet clean the laminate flooring in my home as well. using a squirt bottle with vinegar I lightly squirt and wipe up the vinegar to a perfectly clean,  squeeky clean floor, a floor so clean that I enjoy walking bare foot on it.


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