Hey Angry Basement Ghost! Be Gone!

My house was built around 1902. I bought it in July 2007. Lets just say a lot of things must have happened in 105 years. When I bought the house I inherited a super creepy basement. Seriously. You feel like you are being watched, there is hideous green muppet carpeting, flourescent lighting, spiders and a bathtub in the washroom that goes straight into a drain... Saw 3 style. My dog refuses to go down there, even when I try to lure her with food (and she usually will go anywhere for food.)

Aside from the cobwebs, my crippling fear of mold and the Amityville Horror feelings, I finally got the guts to clean it up and paint it. Its surprising what a difference paint can make. I chose complimentary color samples that raised some eyebrows at the paint desk, but they are BEAUTIFUL! For the craft room I picked a warm yellow peach color called Summer. In the laundry I chose a calm blue shade called Sea Glass, both in semi-gloss for the wipe-ability factor. To get over the fear of mold I wiped mixture of water with bleach over the walls the night before and set a couple of fans down there to dry it out.

As for the flourescent lighting- I learned that a good shock can get rid of a headache somehow (do NOT try this at home it is terrible for you and NOT recommended.) I would however, recommend cutting ALL power to the house before doing electrical work, not just the breaker that shuts off the lights AROUND the light you are working on. Finally I was able to safley pry the horrid flickering painted-on flourescent monstrosity from its mount and replace it with some nice track lighting. I love modern track lighting because it gives the room a little more depth and warmth,you can creat focus points on your work areas and wall art and the halogen bulbs are said to last for 2 years- which is super. I have here some before and after photos of my craft room and laundry room. Hopefully soon I will be able to get enough courage to actually do some crafts down there. Don't rush me. I'll go when I'm ready.

My Craft Room:

After! Happy Space!         
 Before... creepy.



My Laundry Room:

After! Pretty & Organized!
 Before... nasty.

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SnowSurfer on Mar 02, 2008:

Thanks for the shout out!

The table in my craft area is actually a closet door from one of the rooms upstairs. It was annoying me so I threw it in the basement- who knew it would become my desk! As for your question about the laundry I have a giant bath tub in there. Hopefully we can find a way to make a functional bathroom... someday.

I think you're right, there has been a lot of life in this house, and a lot of stored energy in the space. I have found indisputable evidence that there were teenage girls in that basement- there are mirrors positioned so you can see the back of your hair no matter where you are standing. Given that teenage girls are high drama, I think thats why the basement felt hostile. I have 5 sisters and any time I was in there space I got the same feeling. I think all my hard work has taken some of the angst from the area, although I still get creeped out when I'm folding my towels and I glance up and get a peek of my messy ponytail.

I have friends that love to go down there now to paint with me. They said the area just feels warm and artistically nurturing. Hope those feelings came from me!

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