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Finnish designer Elina Aalto of Flasko Design has created Better View window blinds that turns the most uninteresting views into something spectacular. Basically, the blinds have cut-outs that depict cityscapes. When the blinds are drawn, light from outdoors twinkles through revealing the sky lines of Helsinki or Tokyo, for example. Although the blinds don’t appear to be in mass production (they’re part of a traveling exhibition of the Finnish Cultural Institute), I’m going to say, with an X-acto knife, a picture of your favorite city for reference, a ruler, and a lot of patience, they’re DIY-able. Via.

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NewBlinds on Oct 14, 2008:

I really like this.

I've just tried putting cut outs in some sample blackout blind fabrics that we have here.

If you were wanting to create something similar, I would suggest using with a PVC Blackout Blind fabric, as opposed to a normal polyester fabric with a coating. The normal polyester fabrics with coatings tended to fray and get a bit messy when you are putting the cut outs in, where as the PVC fabric held together quite well.  

If you wanted to get ultra-creative, you could get a blind printed, and then cut out elements from within the printed design or photo.

I've also seen it with digitally printed wall paper - except in the case of wallpaper, the interior designer actually used LED lights embedded in the wall to get the effect of lights in a building, and also 2mm thick peices of acrylic to build out elements from within the photo.

Looked pretty cool! ;-)

sbbrat on Jul 16, 2008:

Yes, that would probably work nicely, but was thinking of something a bit less expensive. I've bookmarked the page anyway, just in case I cant find something else to use.

Thanks, Janice

DIY Maven on Jul 12, 2008:

Hey, sbbrat, something just occured to me. I wonder if you could use a black backdrop like this one?

sbbrat on Jul 11, 2008:

I'm wondering if I could find black shelf-liner to use for this purpose, lol? If not, I'm gonna try to do this with fabrics to make my own 'flat' curtain instead (we have 8' wide windows and I've never been able to find shades to fit this size)

Janice M.

DIY Maven on Feb 25, 2008:

Hey theokobox! For a DIY attempt, I'd try to find a fabric shade that has an acrylic coating on it. I'm thinking it wouldn't rip as easily (as it's cut) than a regular vinyl shade. Of course, a hole puncher probably wouldn't work on that kind of shade!

theokobox on Feb 24, 2008:

This is amazing, i have to go get a exacto knife just for this purpose! I wonder what type of black material was used... just regular old shades ?? You could even do a cool design with a hole puncher i bet :)

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