Recycling tires can be fun and creative

Want to do your bit for sustainabilty and have some fun creating useful crafty ideas - Recycling tires can get your creative juices happening.

Tires are one of the most difficult items to recycle today. But a solution is needed. Millions of tires are dumped yearly at landfill sites or illegal deposits.

Finding a new use for recycled tires helps the environment and it’s an easy way to make a tree swing or sandbox or tunnels for your backyard for hours of fun. Another idea for recycled material in which Eco Biters may be interested is quite simple, costs nothing, anyone can make it and most people have occasional use for it. We are referring to rubber bands (loops) cut out of old car or truck tire tubes and looped together to the length required.  

For full details, go to http://ecobites.com/diy-recycling-projects/recycling-tires-can-be-fun.html


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