How to find a new fridge?!?!

All right so why is it that every year something has to go wrong with something in my kitchen right around the holidays?!?! Typically it's been a clogged sink (never put sweet potato peels down the drain...major clog, major problem), an oven that won't turn on (Thank God I had a double oven but it took twice as long to cook) and this year my refrigerator is on the fritz!!

I originally had appliance insurance when I bought my home but for some stupid reason I didn't renew it this year (for now I will feign ignorance because of the pregnancy hormones). So here I am, no insurance and needing a new fridge with no clue of what to buy and what's the best thing for me.

First step, research! I approched getting a new fridge like I do most of my home improvement projects and went right to the source...that's right I Googled refrigerator reviews. I really wanted to hear what others had to say about the purchases they had made and what they liked and didn't like before I bought mine. I was kind of annoyed at all of the "review" sites out there that tried to make it seem like they were there to help but in the end all they wanted to do was to sell me the fridge! I wanted real, hard core advice on what to get. Though I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a review site called http://www.RefrigeratorPro.com">RefrigeratorPro.com>. Finally there was someone out there who was willing to tell me that one fridge out and out stunk and another was better for energy efficiency and use of space. 

So in the end I got my new fridge and that took care of what my husband is getting me this year (but at least I now know that I got a good deal on the right one for me!)

Hugs 'n hammers,


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