The Most Adorable Baby Hat Ever!

I don't imagine a cuter hat could exist. The Coverall Hat by Oeuf is designed to solve the eternal problem of keeping the hat on the youngster's noggin, where it belongs. The effect, however, is ultimate adorableness.

DIYable? For sure. Can the design translate into an adult model? Absolutely, but we should probably keep our shirts on.

Made from 100% baby alpaca wool, which is non-allergenic. 

Via Babygadget. 

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andrea on Nov 16, 2014:

Where can I find a copy of this pattern? I would love to make it!

Mickey on Nov 02, 2011:

Where's the pattern???

beesknees on Dec 01, 2007:

Wow! I am going to make one of these like, tomorrow! So cute!

benjamintm on Nov 26, 2007:

Very cute and would actually stay on my hat-hating son.  Also reminecent of the sports Hijabs worn by some Muslim women.

bruno on Nov 26, 2007:

Wow, those are ridiculously cute. Seems like an unfair competitive advantage vs. the other hat-makers.

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