Make Photo Art With CDs

water drops
Because of such a positive response to the Make Photo Art with Water and Oatmeal blog entry, this additional entry on photo art has been created.

The rainbow-like images seen here are close-up photos of a CD tilted in just the right angle to catch the light.

The light source for these images was a typical overhead office area florescent light fixture with four full-length bulbs.

The CD and camera were held as still as possible during the taking of the photo.

The camera was held approximately 5 to 7 inches away from the CD surface. These photos were are all taken using 5 Megapixel Sony DSC-P10 configured with the following settings:

  • Flash: Off
  • Macro: On - For most cameras there is a button with a flower symbol that indicates macro mode for very close-up pictures
  • Focus: Center AF (Auto Focus) - if the camera has this feature, request that it focus only on what is precisely in the center of the viewfinder and ignore everything else, this should help exaggerate a narrow depth-of-field making the drops sharp and the background blurry
  • Metering: Spot - this lets the camera adjust the lighting on just the spot that is in the middle of the frame while ignoring other bright lights or dark spots that may be in the periphery of the frame
  • White Balance: Automatic
  • ISO: Automatic
  • Quality: Fine
  • Sharpness: High

No additional modifications were made to these photos after they were imported except for the last photo shown here which had the exposure adjusted to be underexposed. This created a darker background for the colors.

water drops

water drops

water drops

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DesigningMom on Jun 08, 2007:

WOW!  I just grabbed a handy CD and my cell phone 2 mega pixel camera and after moving it around till I got just the right look took a picture.  I liked how it turned out and opened it in one of my many photo programs just to crop out Patsy Clines mouth that was showing from the DVD about her life that was laying on my drafting table below it.  

Anyway here's what I got with just my digi cell camera, no flash....


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