Nine Things to Buy For The Billionaire on Your Christmas List.

It seems that this list would better titled, "Nine Things for a Billionaire to Buy For You, If You Happen to Be on a Billionaire's Christmas List"... Still, an interesting look at the excess of the holidays.

1. A ride around town: Bugatti Veyron $2 MM

2.Something for that empty wall: Modern Art $8 MM+


3. A bath toy: A Super Yacht up to $200 MM - $300 MM


4. Some beach gear: A Submarine $80 MM


5. A weekend getaway: A private island $10 MM - $100 MM

6. A silver bird: A Boeing 787 Dreamliner $150 MM and up.


7. A weekend away: A trip into Space $20 MM to $55 MM


8. A new job: Winning the US Presidency $20 MM to $400 MM


9. Some friends to play ball with: The Chicago Cubs around $600 MM


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