citizenM’s Pre-Fab Hotel Rooms

Slated to open in early 2008 is a hotel in Amsterdam called citizenM, short for 'citizen mobile'. Their concept of a hotel room strips away the extraneous like water fountains in the vestibule and keeps all those things savvy travelers actually want. ‘Modern design, friendly technology and the proximity to a city,’ is what citizenM will offer and all at an ‘accessible price’. How they accomplish this feat stems from the hotel’s construction. It’s called ‘Industrial Flexible Demountable’, and it means that their 14 meter square rooms are pre-made in their own off-site factory. A great concept but probably not the first choice for the claustrophobic traveler.

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DIY Maven on Nov 21, 2007:

I think another reason they haven't caught on is because there's kind of a 'trailer park trailer' stigma attached to them. Personally, I love trailers.

jgodsey on Nov 15, 2007:

I dunno it's bigger than the average dormroom.

if it were cheap enough i think it wouldn't be bad for up to a week.

you certainly wouldn't forget anything.  

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