DIY Fairy and Tea Parties


Plan a tea party, birthday or play day around a fairies and elves theme with fairy princess party invites, fairy tale party decorations, fairy princess costumes, favour and magical fantasy activities galore. Have each guest craft  their own flower halo crown and magic wand. If you're really ambitious or the kids are old enough, you could even have each child craft a set of fairy wings.

It's all about the little details that focus on a fairyland atmosphere for your child. Choose crafts and games with a magical motif or modify existing favorites such as pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs to follow a fairy theme.

Set the table with dainty small bunches of flowers, flowing ribbons, glittering stars and fairy-small treats. Serve fruited herbal teas (no caffeine) or home-made organic lemonade with a spritz of cranberry juice in little china cups, cut out tiny sandwiches (crusts removed from the bread) with cookie cutters and offer each guest magical beans (organic jelly beans) or sugar-free sweets wrapped in fairy print fabric or tulle netting tied with narrow ribbons.

For full details - http://ecobites.com/eco-arts-crafts-activities/fairy-tea-parties.html

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Gracie on Nov 09, 2007:

I started a tea party for my twin nieces when they were only three years old.  Everyone in the family, well, all the females in the family were invited, the males were not interested.  We continued the tea party, still to today.  We started having them annually, but now it might be a couple of years apart, or two or three in one year, depending on how everyone is feeling and availiblity.  The twins are now 14 years old, and we plan to keep having our tea parties until the end of time.  Of course, the children have homemade lemonade, but the adults get to have a touch of the special bottle added to their teapot, its quite fun.

If you have not had a good old fashioned pretend, dress-up tea party, where you let the entire world go away, go back to your childhood, and have just a wonderful day, then you are missing out.  It was the best idea I've ever come up with, it brings all the women in our family together, its rather a right of passage to attend if you are not a member of the family.  Friends beg us to be invited, but cannot go until they have proven they can let go of being an adult and truly have the child in them come back out.  

All our clothes for the party are bought at thrift stores, garage sales, resale stores.  After the party is over, we gather up all the dresses and donate them back to a charity.  Each year we are all challenged to come up with something new and extravagant, trying to out-do everyone from the previous year, but always keeping within a very modest budget, no fair spending a ton of money, this is a tea party afterall.

I sincerely recommend having your own teaparty!  It is without a doubt one of the best times my family, the women, our friends, have ever had, it is one of the most beautiful and fun bonding experiences you can have!

Try it, you might like it!


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