How to Make a Sweet Topiary

Q.  What did a bunch of candy corns dress-up as for Halloween?
A.   A Sea Anemone!

Now that's one sweet topiary, and by sweet I mean totally awesome!


Floral Wire (I used several yards of 22 Gauge / green)
1 Styrofoam Cone (9 x 4 - white)
Yellow Spray Paint (optional)
Wire Cutters
1 1/2 to 2 lbs of candy corn

Candy Corn Topiary Supplies


  1. Lightly spray paint the styrofoam cone with yellow paint. This will keep any open spaces from being as noticeable because they will blend-in with the yellow part of the candy corn.
  2. Unwind and straighten the floral wire as best you can.  I used my hands to pull out the kinks, but if you have a method that works better, please share your tip!
  3. Cut floral wire into 1" to 1 and 1/4 inch pieces.
  4. Stick cut pieces of floral wire into the yellow part of the candy corn (for the color challenged, that's the larger / wider part of the triangular candy).
  5. Push the other end of the wire into the styrofoam cone.  I started from the top and rotated the cone as I added the candy corn wires.


Rotate the cone as you add the candy corn.

Once the topiary is finished, it becomes difficult to handle unless it's on a plate etc... So, while you still have some blank cone to grab, you may you may want to figure out how you would like to display your finished piece.  I put mine on a candle pedestal, but I'm sure it would look just as nice on a decorative plate or in a flower pot.   

Add a few pieces of candy to the bottom row, then work up.  Now is also the time to put the cone on a pedestal or plate.

It gets a little tricky to fill-in all the spaces near the bottom of the cone.  At this point, I thought that it was easier to put the very bottom pieces in first then work upwards.  As you are doing this, you may want to bend the wires or turn the corn so that the wider part is vertical instead of horizontal, this way you can fit your last pieces into the blank spaces more easily. 


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ZolaClaire on Oct 23, 2007:

Thanks - I had a lot of fun doing it.  I'm thinking about expanding on the theme with some styrofoam balls that I can dangle from our light fixture, but I need to get more candy corns!

DIY Maven on Oct 23, 2007:

Very cute! Nicely displayed too!!!

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