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What comes to mind when one hears warm and fuzzy... Your bed!  Here's the example of an adapted Trading Spaces room.  Found in the corner of an unfinished basement, a drop ceiling was installed, dry wall put up and textured, floors painted green, with exotic leaf print, and even a potted tree in the window (not making an appearance in the photo.)  Topped of with microsuede comforter and some pretty heafty thread count in the sheets, for the first time in my life.  A really do it yourself project, to bring out the creativity in oneself. I just freehanded the stripes and cut out a leave stencil for the floor. Get in touch with the wild side of things! 


Zebra Print Bedroom

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gradontripp on Dec 07, 2006:

Very nice DIY project.  I bet you have some really vivid dreams after looking at those walls while you fall asleep.  

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