A cozy home

I just moved (Thanksgiving weekend) my cozy, white-draped home from a small 20's-era studio into my partner's condo, which was built in the 1980s. The studio is a very bright corner unit with lots of windows (that are not heat efficient, by the way!) and natural light. It was very easy to be happy in this place just from the natural light bouncing off the bright walls. MY favorite space, of course, was where I slept. 

Me casa, su casa!

The image hanging was done by a peer in a letterpress course I took at The Evergreen State College via project swap. The ball is hanging with natural string; it is an orange stuck with cloves. (It makes a great holiday freshner - and also a great homemade gift!) 

Bookcase & Bed Love

This duvet cover, shams and accent pillows were found on sale, new. We plan on using them in the condo as well. The grey/green feather accent pillows are (I feel) a great texture addition to the pattern on the duvet. I pretty much love books, and those are just a few of what I own...



This is a close-up of the entrance to the mainroom in the studio. The sash was cut from the bottom of a handmade patchwork skirt I bought at a local farmer's market. The skirt was too long, so I cut off the bottom and used the "scraps" to drape the hallway entrance. (To the left is another letterpress project.) 

Although small (416 square feet), this little studio was very peaceful. I draped the walls with pictures and framed artwork, which made it more homey, and used bright, natural colors to keep it earthy but not dark. For fun, I'll add some pictures of my view. :)

Tacoma at dusk...

Summer - evening time, Mt. Rainier

Further north, sunset

Autumn - sunset, further north

It will be an interesting challenge creating as cozy a home in the condo. We are working with older & uglier everything, much more wall space, much less charm, and very few windows (which makes me frown). I'm excited to post how things progress, though.

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