Creating a Nine-Piece Mosaic

This year my band finally made a proper recording and when the time came to design packaging, I took charge of the project even though my experience is in web media, not print. The leading image of the final product looks like this:




And once on my wall, it looked like this:




To get from image A to image B, my friend and I simply took the original art, enlarged it with Genuine Fractals, cut it into nine pieces, and printed them on heavy paper with a high-quality Epson printer.

Next we used ordinary white glue to mount them on 12x12 particle boards from Lowe's. Finally, they were covered with Mod Podge and a thick textured brush.

Once complete, a routing tool was used to create holes in the back of each. To mount on the wall, the area was measured and two screws inserted for each panel. Each panel was then hung by their routing holes.


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cutout on Dec 01, 2006:

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I have used Rasterbator before and it worked great, although I havevn't found the best solution to stitching together the individual pieces yet. Doing a mosaic with one inch between inch panel reduces the pressure of getting them to seamlessly line up.


Patrick: my friend has a tool he made himself which is essentially a homemade yardstick with a level built in. We figured out the best way to measure the mosaic vertically so it was 2' from the ceiling and 2' from the couch and from there the symmetry issues fell into place (with the help of a pencil). I was surprised by how much my local hardware store charged for a standard 36" level: $65!

PatrickBateman on Dec 01, 2006:

How did you get the hangings to line up correctly?  I have a bunch of framed album covers I want to hang, but I am haunted by images of asymmetrical arrangements.

roadvermin on Nov 30, 2006:

Nice work and colour. - RV's Girl

willmize on Nov 30, 2006:

I LOVE those mosaics! Great work and great artwork.  I'm thinking that the same could be accomplished with Rasterbator software (http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator ), which is free, as opposed to the Genuine Fractals software, which isn't.

But it does have a free 30 day trial :>

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