Attention Wood Workers...Make a ‘Dog’ Bench!

NEL has created these charming dog-shaped benches. Or are they shelves? Oh, who cares...they’re as cute as hell and completely DIY-able. It looks like they’re made of chunks of 2" x 4" and/or 2" x 6". Whatever wood used, you can bet when it’s done, it’ll be your new best friend. Woof.

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Anonymous on Jul 22, 2009:

These are the so innovative! Really great idea! :)

DIY Maven on Oct 08, 2007:

Just so long as they don't try to hump them....heh ;)

srantz on Oct 08, 2007:

these are so cute! I bet my dogs would try to play with them...or, if nothing else, chew up the books!

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