How to Make a Paper Bag Waist Skirt

This week on Thread Heads, Morgan Hungerford from Panda Head and Muss Clothing teaches us how to make a cool paper bag waist skirt out of an oversized skirt. We are always looking for new D.I.Y. fashion ideas, so send us what you got!  And don't forget to subscribe to the ThreadBanger podcast on iTunes!

What you need:

Skirt (a size or two too big)



Straight Pins


Sewing Machine 

First, you need a skirt that is about a size or two too big. Turn it inside out, and lay it flat. 
Then, measure about two and a half inches down from the top of the skirt, and pin. 


Using the elastic, measure your natural waist, and cut the elastic. It should be snug but not too tight. 


Next, pin the elastic along the skirt where you measured. 


When sewing, make sure that you hold the fabric taut and flat when going through the machine. And, believe it or not, thats it!



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Caya123 on Aug 25, 2007:

You guys certainly seem to have a devil theme going on, between the "devil horns" signs all over the place, and whatnot.

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