How to Get Stains Out of Carpeting

Although I included links to these handy guides in my CSI: Carpet Scene Investigation post, I thought they deserved a post of their very own. First, from Fabric Link comes an alphabetical who’s who of horrible stains. From acid toilet cleaners to wine, there’s something for everybody. Also worth a look-see is 3M’s stain removal guide, which they bill as alternatives to using one of their own products. How magnanimous of them.

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DIY Maven on Aug 22, 2007:

Ew. I guess I try the ink removal hints first.

baconthecat on Aug 22, 2007:

Any tips on how to remove a newspaper stain? I checked both links above, but no luck. We dog-sat for his boss' dog some time ago, and because this dog had lived in a kennel for basically all its life before, at the age of 4, coming to live with the boss and his gf, it had really bad bathroom habits. Which it perpetuated in our spare bedroom. Perhaps it was the brain fog one experiences when one gets up too early in the morning, or maybe it was the anger that comes with an unwanted event that occurs regularly. Perhaps both. Which is why I can hardly blame hubby for thinking, in that witching hour and with his unbridled emotions, that it would be a good idea to use newspaper to clean up the dog's doodies. Which resulted in a poop-free carpet, but a large, stubborn gray stain. Which I have no idea how to remove.

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