Make Love Not War Bedding

Do you play mattress commando with your bed mate? Does one of you end up with 3/4 of the Beauty Rest while the other finds themselves hanging over the bed’s edge? Instead of arguing over territory, let the Make Love Not War duvet cover from Miss & Lady’s Boutique, set the parameters for you. And with less arguments over domain, you just might find yourself spending more time in the demilitarized zone.

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baconthecat on Aug 14, 2007:

Heehee, this is cute. It'd be useless for me and Mr. Bacon, though, because we actually sleep with separate duvets... He got sick of my duvet-hogging ways and somehow we started sleeping with separate covers, and it's stuck, even though we're Mr. and Mrs. Bacon now and social norms state that we share a duvet. I think this would be a cute wedding gift!

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