Psycho Mother Shower Curtain

First we had the Psycho house in LEGO, and now we have possibly the creepiest shower curtain ever. Available through Prank Place for 25 bucks, the curtain’s image can be seen from one side only. Use Mother Bate’s silhouette as a decorative statement or install the curtain white side out. Doing so will surely produce some interesting reactions from unsuspecting guests when they pull the curtain closed.

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cindyAtStaged4more on Aug 06, 2007:

OMG! I am totally a huge hitchcock fan. This is awesome! Too bad my place doesn't need shower curtains. Although.. I wonder if I can get away staging with this. LOL actually the sellers will probably want to kill me if I do that!

baconthecat on Aug 04, 2007:

Haha! Knowing me, I'd probably freak myself out in the middle of a shower. I don't know if you've seen any Asian horror movies, but they all involve some girl with looooong black hair. I have long black hair as well, and I have freaked myself out plenty of times in the middle of the night when I see my reflection out the corner of my eye... Anyway!

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