Update to Dresser turned into Sideboard Buffet


Several months ago I posted about changing our old and very outdated dresser into a buffet.  I painted it black and it was much improved.  My original post is here.

Over the last few days I've REALLY turned the dresser into a sideboard.  I added 6 legs, new knobs with some of my Grandmother's costume jewelry attached, and a 2nd color of paint that matches one of the darker colors in my dining room curtains.  I also used some leftover door surround to add some height to the piece.

Here it is now:


New Sideboard




Sideboard Buffet


The Knobs:




Jewelry Knobs

 If you have any ideas about what to use for the center drawers (knobs, handles, what have you) please let me know.  Any suggestions, even the tiniest, to help improve the new sideboard are appreciated!


I decided that the black was too shiny for my tastes, so I sanded it down and put a 'tan' wash on the black, and a black wash on the 'tan.'  Hope you like it!


The Top -


And the ugly original -


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Nimue on Nov 29, 2007:

I've update my post to show how the piece looks now.  It was just too shiny for me and I really like how it turned out now :)

Nimue on Aug 27, 2007:

Hi Joye68 and thanks for your thoughts.  I've actually been working on the sideboard yesterday and today.  I did use more wooden knobs and painted them black.  I haven't attached them yet, and your idea of using a backing plate is interesting, although I've already plugged the extra holes.  I dealt with the too shiny look by distressing a bit and using a wash with the tan colored paint.  Once again it's looking very different.  I'll post another update soon.

joye68 on Aug 27, 2007:

Oops. Lost my train of thought on those crystal knobs and just kept going. I would recommend replacing them ALL if you used crystal knobs. Maybe use black screws for the heads.

joye68 on Aug 27, 2007:

I'd go with BBI on this one. Its charming with the knobs. I'd either go with some more wooden knobs continuing the theme. (maybe experiment with contrasting black handles only, or maybe that would be TOO dramatic) OR find some crystal knobs to continue with the look without it being "too much". 

I'd have a better idea of how it opened if you could post a pic. Also you don't want the knobs or handles to catch on things if you walk by it either.

If the piece continued to have that black lacquered finish, I'd lean more towards godsey's bit of advice. Adding to that, instead of using the veneer pieces or having to redrill holes, you can also find plates to use as backing behind newer knobs to hide the way it used to look (holewise). You can find the exact size...or you can use different sized plates and redrill new holes, whether or not you choose to fill the old ones. 


badbadivy on Aug 01, 2007:

WOW, that is an amazing difference! I actually dig the knobs, I think it adds a bit of charm to the already awesome sideboard!

jgodsey on Jul 31, 2007:

lose the wooden knobs.  if the holes are too far apart for a handle, use liquid nail and attach a piece pf marbeled masonite or wooden veneer or something to cover the area, and then drill new closer holes.  you would be surprised what nice brass, silver or black handles will make.

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