I turned my ugly old table into a work of art

I had plain wooden table from Ikea that was in bad shape.  It was in my art studio, and I had my computer there, I was using it as a painti

The finished table
ng table, and I was frequently snacking and drinking coffee there.  The wood had split from moisture in places and it was all stained.

The first thing I did was sand it really well.  Then I filled in some of the gaps where the wood had splintered with wood putty.  Then I sanded again.

I gave it three coats of primer with Zinsser Bull's Eye Primer-Sealer Stain Killer 123, which is an excellent base coat for wooden furniture.  

Then I was ready to start painting.  Now, I could have just covered this up with a solid color.  But I'm an artist and I had to get fancy.  I painted a bright yellow background and then painted roses, leaves and stars on top with Golden brand acrylic paint.  I like that brand because it's highly pigmented, goes on smooth and has great colors.  It also dries very fast, so I could paint part of the table, wait for it to dry, then paint more.  In fact, the only thing that held me back from finishing this table in a few days was procrastination.

After I finished the painted coat, I gave it two coats of water based urethane clear finish.  The finish can be wiped clean with a rag or sponge.  My dinner table is the same type of table painted with the same materials, though in different colors.  We have been using it for almost three years now and the finish has held up well.


Materials Used
I wish I had taken before and after shots of it.  For my next project of this type you can bet I will. 







Another view of the table with my cat Mintyfresh looking on.


On edit: I added two photos of the first table I did. 

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JHRivers on Nov 16, 2007:

Those are great looking tables.  good work!

LenkArt on Aug 12, 2007:

I like the idea, may be I will do something like this to my ugly table.

Whiskerbiscuit on Aug 02, 2007:

What an awesome table!!  Love, love the leaf table - fantastic!  Wish I had seen it on Craigslist.  Beautiful work.

Melsky on Jul 10, 2007:

I just sold the table to a woman who saw it on craigslist!

Thanks for the comments.  i may make some things like this to sell after I move, but mostly I will concentrate on paintings on canvas and doing some really nice painted furniture for my own home. 

Caya123 on Jul 10, 2007:

Seems to me I've seen items like this in the functional-arty-type stores in the greater Seattle area. I like it! I like the second table, too. It is soothing, yet pretty. I hope you get to sell those? If I had money to buy things like that, I'd definitely consider these. :-)

Melsky on Jul 10, 2007:

Thanks!  I added two photos of the first table at the bottom of the post.


HillaryJohnson on Jul 09, 2007:

I'd like to see the dinner table, too!

Caya123 on Jul 09, 2007:

I really like that. Nice job!!

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